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The spark of Jam & Jelly by Jewel began during childhood watching the Plum Tree in Nans yard transform each year into Jams and Sauces. The flicker of the flame grew after discovering anyone could enter The Royal Easter Show and oh, to bring home a ribbon for that very first competition jar was just pure joy.

We love Jam but our passion is Jelly, with perfect clarity and a mouth feel which leaves the taster with an Ahhhh moment after the flavour abounds. That is what we do and very well. Jelly making is both art and science combined, infused jelly making is both bliss and madness combined.

Jelly making is both art and science combined; infused jelly making is both bliss and madness combined.

Initially our products were about pure elemental flavours, such as the now famous Chilli Jelly. But more recently we mixed it up creating such classic flavours as Lemon & Sage along with an Orange & Thyme Jelly. In 2019 we are releasing our first Range called Blossom & Spice, here you will find exotic combinations such as Orange Blossom & Corriander, Lavander & Lemon Verbena plus a Blackberry Party Jam which is meant to be a party in a jar.
So much along our journey has helped us grow into who we are today. In 2014 we were awarded three medals from Sydney Fine Food a Gold, Silver & Bronze. Today our medal tally is over thirty (30) medals including two (2) Championship medals, and we eagerly await 2019 results late September.

What We Do?

Only Australian Produce is packed into our jars, simple. A few spices not grown here are used in some products but everything else is all Australian. Frees us professional Chefs by providing restaurant quality without the effort. Allows cafes to punch above their weight. Lets providores offer something special to home entertainers and gift givers.

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